Some thoughts from our client and vendors about Team Masters Construction, LLC.

General Contractor Builtech Services, LLC did 2 major 6-month open store remodels for Burlington Coat Factory with Team Masters. Their performance was exemplary as they handled multiple scopes in a challenging and dynamic environment. Team Master’s tradesmen delivered exceptional quality and had the staffing depth to keep us on schedule & budget. We were fortunate to connect with Team Masters as these projects were 2000 miles away from our home base in the Chicago market. Builtech certainly recommends this contractor & look forward to working with Team Masters in the future.
— Mark Sidoryk, Project Manager Builtech Services, LLC
I have supplied Metal Framing material for Team Masters Construction for over 5 years. I am honored to be part of their construction family. They are one of our best and loyal customers and are a pleasure to work with.
— Brandon Griswold - Branch Manager Steeler Construction Supply
Team Masters have always done a great job when working on my projects. Looking back, we have done several high-end Credit Unions, as well as several fairly large office T.I.’s together, and all of them turned out extremely well. We always had very satisfied clients when everything was done, and we always came in right on schedule.
— Nate Brown, Superintendent R&H Construction
I have been working with Team Masters Construction as a supplier for the last 10 years. I have come to know the group as very professional, easy to work with, and eager to show their quality of work and capabilities. Along with their loyalty to their suppliers they are very innovative in their focus and were the very first company to sell the new Rockfon Acoustical Tile in the Northwest. A+ Rating!
— Jim Borowczak, Oregon Sales Manager Valhalla Construction Products